6 Technical SEO Skills an SEO Professional should have

Job specialization turns out to be the default framework in the recent decades. However, these days you will also see that there is this subtle shift into combination of specialized and general knowledge. One of them is the field of SEO, where programming and marketing unites. Their interaction is what makes its unique and one that is addressed as being an SEO professional.



So for SEO professionals, what is expected of them that they are truly called a true expert in their field?

An Analytical Mind:

Technicality is not the most basic requirement for this profession but more of an analytical one. A person may be very good at coding and even get to speak all that tech stuff, but the most important skill that this profession needs is that they are able to solve various problems. Knowing about the information needed is necessary and how it must be gathered, the ability to understand it, mapping it out into a context in a larger framework, understanding the long-term effects of certain decisions, noticing patterns, has a good sense in solving puzzles and a lot more. Such skills come into play in every step in the process of SEO. The technical SEO skills will help you make your ideas manifest, but the analytical mind helps a person come up with ideas.

Experience in Web Hosting:

One of the most important factors in building up a high ranking website is getting a quality provider of web hosting. There are also other factors to think about as well. Choices with web hosting includes downtime, referring to the time that the website becomes inaccessible because of problems faced with the hosting server. What this entire thing means is about speed. The algorithms of Google does take into account factors that affect the uptime of a website, the website’s loading speed is a factor to take a look into. Everything that you’ll experience with web hosting is a great addition to your skills.

HTML Coding:

It is obvious that SEO experts are expected to learn and understand about HTML Coding. However, this is one of the basic prerequisites. What is expected of you is that you know the ways on how to manage and create said content through a way that is compatible with the environment it is in.


This skill is entirely optional, but if you have this in your arsenal, you can take advantage of it and apply it to your SEO expertise. If you really want to go beyond and to the top, you should start learning first either JavaScript or PHP. This will serve you different content to users based on IP address, browser, time and date plus numerous other characteristics. What programming can actually help you with is that you get to increase your interaction with the visitors even more.

Know-How in Excel:

When you start on your way to be an expert SEO professional, you will be met with a lot of data to analyze. If you are familiar with Excel or spreadsheet programs, you will be able to take advantage of its tools so that the information presented to you will make sense.

Server Side Configuration:

This is another skill that is optional but great if you want to add this in your arsenal. This refers to the side of the server where the site is running. The biggest advantage with using the server-side scripts is that you get the ability to customize the responses that are based on the users’ queries, access rights or requirements right into the data stores. You can also utilize them if you want to enable the automatic redirects from particular pages or even optimize MySQL in the database information to make it easily accessed.